The public sector is composed of both public services and public enterprises including public goods and governmental services. At the same time, public sector is supported by the private sector that covers of the economic activity that is intended to earn a profit for the owners of the enterprise. The public sector is organized at three levels: Federal or National, Regional (State or Provincial), and Local (Municipal or County).

Governments are supported by corporations that are delivering the entire service on behalf of government.

The impact of automation, an aging workforce, and globalization are both challenges and opportunities for the public sector in assuring people’s wellbeing.

How can governments transform and adapt to the fast-changing world? With the right structures, systems, and policies, governments can be more effective and more efficient in providing public services.

AVT provides support for the Public sector ranging from services for the public tenders in Sweden, to expert consultants in Purchasing and IT development to assure that technology is working for both companies and the public.