AVTech does construction projects with skilled and experienced teams for our clients in Central and Northern Europe.

Our team participates in all parts of the project from start to completion. The Engineers and workers have extensive knowledge in at least one of the areas e.g. elevator installation, insulation installation, ground work and concrete work.

Our services for the construction area are handled by experienced personnel used to handle all parts of the projects, from planning and requirement to design, building and assuring of the agreed quality, with more than 10 years’ experience in the market.

AVTech always put technologies in the market e.g. possibility for you to develop VR and AR solution for your construction projects.

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We work with teams that have skills and experience in the construction area.

We provide:

  • High quality engineers, installers and workers
  • All necessary equipment
  • Project from start to finish
  • Different sizes of teams


We work with skilled workers and specialists in the construction area.

We provide:

  • Elevator and Escalators
  • Industrial insulation
  • Ground work and concrete work
  • Façade work


We undertake construction projects, using our workers with skills and experience needed for a specific project. We carry out construction, maintenance and servicing projects.

We provide:

  • Technical services
  • Workers and support operations
  • Project management and Quality checks
  • Other services