We provide construction workers from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine. We help find candidates who have the skills and experience our clients need, with required references and certificates.

We can either find candidates who are then employed by our client or we can lease needed staff, that are employed by our company, to the client.
Staff leasing gives our clients flexibility to hire workers without employing them directly. In this case we take care of staff recruitment, employment, labour relations management, taxes and accounting paperwork. Our client only supervises leased employees during their work and is responsible for safe working conditions and job quality control.



We offer highly skilled employees and specialists, as well as general workers for a variety of manual labor positions.
We take care of everything:

  • Search for candidates
  • Formation of small teams of workers
  • Arrangement of all documents needed for workers to go to another country
  • Travelling arrangements
  • Employment of workers by our company
  • Accounting for workers during their work (taxes, social contributions, etc.)
  • Insurance of workers
  • Arranging a special working clothing for each worker
  • Arranging an accommodation for workers close to a construction site
  • Support and communication with workers during their work in case of any emergencies


We find candidates that have the skills and experience you need, with required references, certificates and a personal profile verified both during interviews and personality test.
We take care of:

  • Search for candidates
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Checking their competences
  • Conducting tests according to client’s request