Tenderly venture was set within the public procurement sector in Sweden. The value of public procurement market reaches 600 Bn SEK yearly. Naturally, there is a large number of companies that want to participate in the public procurement, however most of them encounter the same type of problems:

  • Lack of consolidated information
  • Excessive requirements for submitting bids
  • Tender notices are published too late, which results into the lack of preparation time

The public procurement data is distributed between 290 municipalities, 21 counties, and more than 300 government agencies.

The aim was to consolidate the data and offer proactive approach into the Swedish public procurement for companies that wish to participate. Having information about the tender start dates and requirements, companies have more time to prepare a correct and competitive tender bid.

We’ve developed a procurement data database and processes for data collection, formatting, storing, extracting and presenting to the end clients as well as supporting services.

Currently Tenderly offers services for companies, contracting authorities, and governmental agencies in Sweden. Read more about Tenderly on the official website.



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