About us

AVTech is a consulting and service company focusing on development and innovation in high-tech industries and the IT markets.

We offer consultants in a variety of areas with a focus on project management, IT architecture, development, change management and market analysis as well as a number of specialized support services.

Our management services are focused on organizational development, leadership in international organizations and market analysis, where AVTech provides both resources and services, including training programs and trainers.

The company was founded in 2001 by two colleagues from Linkoping University. The focus was on product development, mainly of demonstrators for various possible future products. During 2006-2008 a further development of the products was begun. In 2008 a service and sales group within the company aimed the energy sector as well as an emerging consulting part were initiated. In recent years, both service and consulting business has been built up and the company has been restructured to be present in several countries.

AVTech values international experience, diversity and inclusion. We build and maintain our network and help our customers improve and expand their operations. If you require highly skilled resources to support your organization, if you need one of our support services, or if you want to join our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Company information


Automatic Vision Technologies Nordic AB
VAT number SE556896788801
Helgagatan 36K 2 tr
118 58 Stockholm

The company is tax registered (F-skattesedel)


Automatic Vision Technologies OÜ
VAT number EE101890274
Narva mnt 5
Tallinn, Harju
10117 Estonia


Automatic Vision Technologies
15/1 “A”, Kyrylivska st., Business Center “Nikolskiy”
04080, Kyiv