IT architects

IT architect The objective for an IT architect is to achieve the greatest possible business value to the organization by selecting, designing and delivering IT strategies within his or her area. Put simply, the architect should describe what different solutions are available and how IT assets should be utilised to realise a particular business objective. He or she should then have the communicative skills as well as the necessary weight in the organization to communicate, explain and implement the strategy. The architect is one of the key roles in every IT organisation. The term IT architect is usually divided into the sub-groups or roles business architect, solution architect, software architect and infrastructure architect. These roles are partly overlapping and boundaries between them are not razor sharp, but can generally be said to have their main focus at different points along the axes operation – technology and whole – details. Technology and detail orientation are generally higher for the software and infrastructure architects while focus on business and the whole is stronger for business and solution architects. Common requirements for all roles is a strong business and commercial focus, wide knowledge of relevant technologies, a large industry and domain expertise, an ability to balance different requirements against each other, a structured and analytical approach and, above all, very good social and communicative skills. Please contact us for information on how AVTech can support your business with skilled IT architects.